National Tree Planting Day
Marondera Rural District Council Offices.
Swearing in of junior councillors.
Mandoga Primary School
Mahusekwa Sub-Office
Dump site
National Clean-up Campaign
Roads opening at Landos BC

Council's Motorized Grader opening roads at Landos Business Center.

Chakadini Clinic

Chakadini Clinic - A project funded by Devolution funds.

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National Tree Planting Day at Council Head Offices.

Longlands road maintenance.

Longlands Road Maintenance.

Junior Council
Marondera Rural District Junior Council
Swearing in of Junior Councillors.
Swearing in of junior councillors.
Marondera RDC Head Offices

Marondera RDC Head Offices

Mahusekwa Sub-Office

Mahusekwa Sub-Office.

Dump site

Dump site maintenance

National Clean-up Campaign
National Clean-up Campaign
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An increase in population world over has subsequently led to a corresponding surge in solid waste generation. Modernization and industrialization have further exacerbated the production of packaged food and consumables. Consumption of these products have significantly contributed to the increase in solid waste generation. In an effort to raise awareness on solid waste management and general hygiene, President ED Mnangagwa early in the year 2018 declared by proclamation, every first Friday of the month to be a clean up day. On this day all citizens are mandated to participate in cleaning up public places. On Friday the 5th of January, Marondera Municipality hosted the provincial cleanup event for Mashonaland East province. The event which was held at Nyameni Business Centre was attended by the local residents, civic organizations, various 

Part of the litter after cleaning at Nyameni Business Centre.

government departments, parastatals and institutions.  Marondera RDC also participated at this event. In  a speech read on her behalf, the Minster of State for Provincial affairs and Devolution for Mashonaland East Cde Apollonia Munzverengwi emphasized the need for coordinated effort in managing solid waste. She implored local authorities to craft waste management plans as a way to ensure an organized approach to manage solid waste. She also called for the construction of standard landfills and to recycle waste across the province to ensure sanity in solid waste disposal.  She said the attainment of an upper-middle income society by 2030 is buttressed by sustainability in waste management. Key commendation was sent to Clean Marondera, a community based sustainable waste management advocacy group whose effort has left a positive mark in the overall sanity of the Marondera Urban. Clean Marondera has attained a number of accolades in recognition of their work. Other than awareness raising the group is into waste recycling, waste separation and research.Whilst costumers and users are expected to dispose litter properly, business operators are expected to provide appropriate refuse receptacles for easy of collection and safe disposal by the local authorities.

Marondera RDC Junior Council observes the National Tree Planting Day.

After being sworn in the junior council took the opportunity to plant 102 trees in commemoration of the national tree planting day. Zimbabwe commemorates the National Tree planting day around the first week of December every year.  The commemorations are an important reminder to the nation of the impota nce of tree planting.

 The chairperson of the junior council Nyasha Muchichwi (15) from St Ludger Secondary School in ward 20 had the opportunity to plant the tree of the year. The Muunga/Fever tree also knows as Vachellia xanthophloea is an exceptionally attractive tree and is often used to decorate gardens and urban landscapes. Its contrasting bark, feathery foliage, and architectural attributes and its fast growth rate makes it suitable for beautification of towns and cities. Medicinally the bark is used for treating fevers and eye complaints. Addressing the junior councillors, the Chief Executive Officer Mr Tichafara Gundo implored the youth to take a leading role in spreading awareness on the importance of trees and protecting the environment in general in their various wards as they are the current and future leaders.  

Elders attending the Junior Council meeting also managed to plant trees on the 25th of November 2023. In his brief address to the attendees, the Marondera RDC council Chairperson Mr Jeremia Gwanzura implored community leaders not to fold hands in the face of the changing climate. He said the manifestations of the changing climate are on the increase as exhibited by incessant drought, increased incidents of extreme weather events, changed seasons and increased occurrence of plant and animal pests and diseases. He said it is the role of local leadership to lead and direct measures to mitigate and adapt to the scourge of climate change in their various constituencies. 

The Council Chairperson said interventions calling for collective effort in adaptation include sustainable agriculture (Pfumvudza), building grain reserves eg (zunde raMambo), adopting drought resistant and early maturing varieties and making use of Indigenous Technical Knowledge systems in forecasting and prediction. He said communities need to brace for the El-nino induced drought ahead, by making the necessary adjustments.

On planting trees, the senior citizen highlighted that the community role in mitigating climate change needs not be overemphasized. He said trees play a crucial role in carbon sinking hence community leaders should actively partake in minimizing deforestation and encouraging the planting of more trees. He reminded the participants that Zimbabwe is a signatory to the UNFCCC, the UNCCD and associated protocols where the country pledged commitments to safeguard the environment. In conclusion, he pointed that the success of NDS1 and the attainment of vision 2030 are buttressed by building environmental sustainability. Tree planting for the year 2023 is running under the theme “Trees and Forests for Ecosystem Restoration and Improved Livelihoods!”

"Cleaning & Greening"

The 1st of December 2023 coincided to the tree planting and clean-up campaign. Marondera Rural District Council was not to be outdone the crucial day. The council chairperson, Councillor Jeremiah Gwanzura, joined the staff in commemorating the day. In his address to the staff, the chairperson urged the community to actually partake in the tree planting and pointed out that trees are a source of life given the various roles that they play in supporting human survival.

Heads-up on Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) during this festive season

As the festive season draws near, we take this opportunity to remind all road users to be on high alert to hazards on the roads. The volume of traffic is always at its peak during this period as motorists, passengers and pedestrians travel on various missions. Our relatives in neighboring countries also take this opportunity to travel back home to spend precious time with their beloved ones. The mood is celebratory across the nation. However, road traffic accidents have become uncommon before, during and after the Christmas and New Year holidays. Statistics from preceding seasons have confirmed that indeed RTAs increase during this season.

The following are some of the key factor contributing to the majority of road traffic accidents: distraction, speeding, tiredness, overtaking error, driving under the influence, slippery roads, not giving way, following too close, reversing error, poor road conditions, stray animals on the road, poor visibility, inexperienced drivers, unlicensed drivers, over-loading,  unroadworthy vehicles, impatient drivers,  bad driving habits like tailgating, dangerous overtaking, poor lane discipline, lack of understanding of indicators,. failure to observe road regulations. etc

Our citizens, visitors and passers-by are encouraged to be vigilant and to be on the lookout on the above-mentioned causes. Let’s drive to remain alive.

Marondera RDC dedicated to ensuring public safety and security.